House for 5 days
Ltd. "Stroyproekt" became an official partner Rötzer-Ziegel-Elementhaus. The house of your dreams RZEN on German technology.

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"House for 5 days"

 House for 5 days

brick house of the constituent elements.

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Construction of 5 days.

Short of erecting - and you're already in the house of your dreams.

RZEH - is the result of the latest developments in the construction of the production means.

In modern equipment made all the elements of the walls and floor slabs.

All necessary parts immediately collected in a single structure. Brick elements are allowed to produce only the dry and in a purified form of contaminants.

Equipment only assembles and completes the elements into a coherent whole.

Building your home is within 5 days!

All work at the factory and on site are carried out highly qualified specialists. You can be assured of trouble-free operation of all systems for an indefinite period of time.

RZEH - this is what is called a true German quality.

Modern technology and the optimal design can meet each house exactly as you wish and according to your material capabilities.

The material used to build your house, was marked by numerous awards and is recognized as "best technology for the construction of houses," the Berlin Institute of Construction Commission.

One of the advantages of this technology is the possibility of equipping your home with ceramic tile roof and interior finish by high quality German materials.

The quality of construction. We want you to have always been happy with your new home RZEH. To do this, we use only high quality materials - a philosophy that has long justified.

All the walls and floor slabs are performed by experienced workers in a single production cycle. Because of this, all the elements fit perfectly accurate. Bricks used to build the walls of your new home, evens out fluctuations in moisture and helps to create an exclusive atmosphere indoors. Good heat –saving elements creates and maintains a pleasant coolness in summer and cozy warm in winter. The possibility of cracking due to wear or seismic activity is almost reduced to zero.

Modern heating technology minimizes emissions of harmful substances, and at the same time prevent the useful energy "crash in a pipe".