House for 5 days
Ltd. "Stroyproekt" became an official partner Rötzer-Ziegel-Elementhaus. The house of your dreams RZEN on German technology.

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"House for 5 days"

Design buildings and structures. Design buildings and structures.

Our company offers personalized, architectural and structural design of any complexity.

We carry a full range of design work and the support of the project at any stage of the design: concept development, architectural design, planning and design work, protection and coordination of the design decisions in the reviewing authorities, as well as coordination of work on the refurbishment and redevelopment areas.

We are constantly improving our technology design based on experience, advanced materials and technologies. All of our professionals have specialized education and constantly improve their knowledge.

LLC "CB" Stroyproekt "offer individual and standard projects for industrial and civil buildings and structures: design of bridges and roads, warehouses, shopping and entertainment centers, office and administrative buildings, cottage settlements, sports facilities, car washes, car dealerships and service stations, rock climbing walls, design of industrial buildings, as well as the design of complex devices to access and comfortable stay of disabled persons and mobile populations.

Design of buildings and structures in the KB "Stroyproekt" - your best choice!

Want to know the value of design - call us: 8 (499) 767-19-20, or in online mode in the section «Online questions».